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ServiceNow SAML SSO Online Demo

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It is already a year ago when we published the article “ On Demand IT Service Management supports SAML 2.0″ which ended with the sentence “Looking forward for more to come …” One year after we have set up an online demo showcasing SAML single sign on between SSOCircle and ServiceNow. With Google Apps offering […]

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OpenSSO / OpenAM Session Cookie Decoder

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SSOCircle Toolbox Series Part 1 Understanding the “iPlanetDirectoryPro” session cookie can be key to debugging problems like OpenSSO / OpenAM internal session rooting, persistence problems and misconfiguration. The SSOCircle Toolbox OpenSSO / OpenAM session decoder: The iPlanetDirectoryPro Cookie is used by OpenSSO and OpenAM to reference a specific user session. It consists of an […]

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OpenSSO / OpenAM Password Encryption/Decryption

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SSOCircle Toolbox Series Part 2 OpenSSO and OpenAM store passwords (for example J2EE Policy Agents) encrypted in configuration files. If you need to encrypt a password without having access to the bundled encryption tools, use the SSOCircle Toolbox OpenSSO / OpenAM Password Encryption web tool. And if you can’t remember what the password was and […]

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Cloud Identity Summit 2011

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The cloud conference in the clouds or at least close to the clouds took place from 18.-21. July 2011 in Keystone, Rocky Mountains, at an altitude of 2.830m. The conference was organized by Ping Identity, headed by Andre Durand who put a lot of passion into the conference and into the fostering of the “identity […]

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Impressions from European Identity Conference 2011

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This year’s European Identity Conference (EIC2011), a fixed star in the digital identity world took place in Munich, Germany, from 10.-12. May and a supplemental workshop day on the 13th. As last year the conference also hosted the Cloud 2011. In terms of venue the conference made a leap into the future from the venerable […]

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