SAML SP Certification

Our ongoing monitoring and test service checks on an ongoing basis your federated single sign on service provider for SAML conformity and SAML security. If changes in the software or in the configuration are causing problems, you will get alerted.

As a proof of the continuous monitoring, we provide the SSOCheck Seal which links back to a dynamic generated page that shows the date of the last test and optionally its result. We are offering three different level of monitoring and seals which do not differ in the number of tests but in frequency of execution.


1* SSOCheck Seal: Monitoring is executed once in a month – buy
2* SSOCheck Seal: Monitoring is executed once in a week – buy
3* SSOCheck Seal: Monitoring is executed daily – buy

For Service Providers the seal demonstrates to their customers that the service is not only monitored for uptime but for the login process itself.