Sample Script 1

The following diagram shows a typical test flow.
Flow diagram sample 1

The script itself is displayed in table view below. The lines in red are required to store the test results in the tool and the green fields mark a loop which is necessary to run through all test cases. Do not delete these lines.

label tt_start
clickAndWait link=Run Fedlet (SP) initiated Single Sign-On using HTTP POST binding
storeTitle pageTitle
gotoIf storedVars[‘pageTitle’] != ‘SSOCircle Identity Provider (Login)’ skipLogin
type id=IDToken1 myUsername
type id=IDToken2 xxxxxxxxxx
clickAndWait name=Login.Submit
label skipLogin
pause 1000
storeTextPresent *successful* tt_issuccess
gotoIf storedVars[‘tt_issuccess’] == false tt_error
tToolMarkResult 0
gotoLabel tt_start
label tt_error
tToolMarkResult 1
gotoLabel tt_start

Download the script for use in SSOCheck Tool