SSOCircle How-To

Quickstart Guide for SSO with SSOCircle as your Identity Provider.

  1. Create a New User at SSOCircle Entry Page
  2. Retrieve SSOCircle IDP SAML Metadata
  3. Configure your Service Provider to trust the SSOCircle IDP by importing the Metadata into your SAML software.
    If your SP does not support SAML Metadata you need to enter the required data manually. Help can be found at the Public IDP Configuration Data page
  4. Retrieve the SAML Metadata of your Service Provider and import the XML file into the SSOCircle of Trust. Import can be done at Service Provider Import Page.
    If your SP does not support Metadata, you might use our SAML Metadata Generator.
  5. Integration is done!
    Give it a try and send an AuthnRequest from your Service Provider to start your first Single Sign On flow.
    Or use IDP initiated SSO by entering the URL<YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER ENTITY ID>
    into your browser.
    Note: The value used for spEntityID is the name that is specified in the Metadata for your Service Provider (entityID)

  6. Make the Integration complete:
    Single Logout (always more difficult to achieve than Single Sign On)
    Send a logout request from your SP or just trigger SLO from the IDP by using the URL:

  7. Advanced topics for the Experts
    Use Assertion encryption or Attribute encryption.

If something goes wrong:

  • An error ocurred. Reason:0007 Signed metadata might cause validation problems. We recommend removal of the signature as the fastest workaround.
  • Reason: A entity already exists If the name (Entity ID) of a service provider already exists, please use a unique name or remove it before importing metadata.