Service Provider

A list of Service Providers that were checked to work with and offer an online demo that can be used to experience real life single sign on. It is not a complete list. Send us an email if you want a site included.

Service Provider Description Type Customer Relationship Management as a Service – Demo SAML2.0
Spring SAML Online Demo Sample application provided with Spring Security SAML Extension SAML2.0
Google Apps
Google terminated ISP Partner Editions. Unfortunately we cannot provider Google Apps intergration anymore. If you need a custom demo, please contact us.
Google Apps Mail Email powered by Google and SSOCircle. Details. SAML2.0
Google Apps Calendar Calendar application powered by Google and SSOCircle. Details. SAML2.0
SSOCircle Portal Personalized portal page by Google and SSOCircle. Details. SAML2.0
Google Docs Docs and Spreadsheet Online powered by Google and SSOCircle. Details. SAML2.0
ServiceNow IT Service Management as SaaS.
The SP instance was disabled by ServiceNow.
SAML2.0 SSOCircle site offering download of preconfigured SAML Service Providers SAML2.0
lightbulb Lightbulb Demo. A SAML 2.0 service Provider in “Pure PHP” with a local user database SAML2.0
secure lightbulb Same Lightbulb Demo. But leveraging SAML2 authentication context. Requiring a X.509 certificate. SAML2.0
cgi-service-provider The CGI SAML 2.0 Service Provider sample as an online demo SAML2.0 Experience the World Trough Photos OpenID Explode is an easy way to find friends and those with common interests, no matter what social network or service they use. OpenID Widgets for your Site. Made Simple OpenID
The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit OpenID World-Wide travel guide OpenID LiveJournal lets you express yourself, share your life, and connect with friends online. OpenID Site where you can put your personal Stikis and access them from any computer OpenID
Highrise Contact Manager & address book, CRM and Task Manager OpenID
Dopplr An online tool for frequent business travellers OpenID Directory of OpenID enabled sites, sorted in categories OpenID