MyIdentityGraph Quick Start

MyIdentityGraph Frontend Quick Access

MyIdentityGraph Frontend is a web application which is used to display the data and execute specific use cases. It is basically a specialized Graph visualization tool.

Access the application at the URL MyIdentityGraph

The drop down list gives direct access to some use cases. The following table lists the main use cases.

Use Cases
Action Description Quick Access from Drop Down
Query Me Queries and displays your own Person Vertex (Me) yes
Query My Direct Neighbors Queries and displays directly connected Vertices yes
Explore a Vertex Display relations and property of a Vertex LINK
Permission Requests to my Resources Displays open permission requests from other persons to resources that you own yes
3rd Party Permissions to my Resources Displays the permissions other persons hold to access your resources yes
My Access Permissions Displays the permission that you have to resources owned by Identities yes
Service Provider by name Query a service provider by its exact name. With SAML this is the EntityID yes
Resources owned by user Displays the resources owned by a user (user name must be given as a parameter). This can be used to search for a resource and then request a permission to it. yes
Person by Userid Query a user by its user name yes
Vertex by UUID/td>

Query a vertex by its unique anonymous identifier yes
Request Access Permission Request Access permissions to resources of other persons. LINK
Approve/Decline Access Permission Approve or decline access permission request to resources you own LINK
Person by Userid Query a user by its user name yes
Remove Access Permission Delete access permissions to resources you own LINK
Create Permission Delegation Create permission delegation to other persons. That person inherits the permissions that you have LINK
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