MyIdentityGraph Requesting Permissions

Permissions to Resources are easily requested by drawing permission request edges from your person node to a resource.

Follow these steps (sequence of images are displayed below)

  1. Search your own person node and the resource you want to have permission to
  2. Click your own person node and click the + sign
  3. Connect your own person node with the resource node my drawing an edge between the two
  4. A modal window appears. Select the type of permission you want to request (see the list below) and click “next”
  5. Confirm with “Create Edge” and a new permission request will be created
  6. Canvas now displays an arrow from your own person node to the resource
Mapping table Permission type to Permission Request
Permission Permission Request
read reqRead
write reqWrite
execute reqExec
full reqExec

The following sequence of images describes how Saskia (see our use case characters) is asking for permission to resource owner’s Ron’s user profile data (recognizable as “Owen”, Ron’s last name).


Saskia querying her ME


Querying Ron’s resources in accumulative view


Drawing a permission request edge to Ron’s user profile data


Confirming the request creation


A request permission edge is diplayed