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“SSOCheck API – Easy SAML Testing” and “Managed SAML Monitoring” are now available as upgrade options for the base offerings SSOCircle Premium or IDPee.

You’ll find details on IDPee on Identity Provider Enterprise Edition.
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Feature SSOCircle 30D(ays) SSOCircle Premium IDPee Tenant
Subscription Pricing free for the first 30 days 7.90€/month recurring payment
79€/year annual payment
Order form …
99€/month recurring payment
or 1188€/year annual payment
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Public IDP yes yes no
Private CoT no no yes
SAML v2 (*) yes yes yes
SAML v1.1 no no opt
OpenID Connect no no opt
WS-Federation (***) no no opt
User name / password auth yes yes yes
Client Certificate auth (X.509) yes yes opt
One Time Password Token auth (OTP) opt opt opt
Authentication Levels (****) 3 3 3
PKI yes yes opt
Self Registration yes yes opt
SMS account validation no no opt
Self Administration yes yes yes
Role Based Administration no no yes
Customizable Look&Feel no no yes
Advertising/Robot Control yes no no
Audit logs no no yes
Debug Info (*****) no yes yes
Signature & encryption certs signed by official CA no no opt
Stronger Crypto Algorithms in SAML
no – for compatibility no – for compatibility yes
SAML Assertion Encryption no no yes
SAML Attribute Encryption no no yes
Users 1 1 100 inclusive
next 100 only 10€/month
Sessions (concurrent) 3 100 1000
Assertions (24h) 100 1000 10000
SAML SPs 3 50 250
SP Expiration 30 days unlimited unlimited
Circle of Trust shared shared dedicated (1)
SSOCheck SAML Testing/Conformance API API access only for two tests 100 calls/user & day Full API upgrade at 49€/month
API limit 5.000 calls/user & day
Full API upgrade at 59€/month
API limit 10.000 calls/day
Monitor (*****) no light
up to 5 runs per month
Product Support no email preferred email
Integration Support no contact us contact us
Subscription Pricing free for the first 30 days
After that time upgrade to Premium required
Inactive accounts will be deleted
7.90€/month recurring payment
79€/year annual payment
99€/month recurring payment
or 1188€/year annual payment

Optional features are only available for an extra charge starting from 10€/month per 100user. This is a B2B offering. All prices listed without VAT. VAT will be added according to tax rules for business customers.
Monthly prices correspond to subscriptions with recurrent payments which can be terminated as described in the SSOCircle terms.
Premium quota limits will be increased by additional bookings of premium subscriptions for the same user account (e.g. A second premium subscription doubles the quotas).
Customization of the Public IDP for specific requirements is limited (e.g. Pubic IDP is limited to three standard attributes). If you have special use cases we recommend IDPee M or above . Please contact us with your requirements.

(*) currently Single Sign On using POST profile and Artifact binding (HTTP redirect), SLO using HTTP redirect and SOAP

(***) Passive Requestor Profile

(****) Username/Password, X.509 certificates

(*****) Currently beta. Might be disabled on a per user basis on extensive usage

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SSO Check your Partners

Test your SAML Service Provider for configuration and implementation errors.

Use our verification service on an ongoing bases and get the SSOChecked Seal.

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Hosted Identity Provider

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