Debugging IDP Integration

Debugging SAML Integration

At our web site we host several tools for debugging SAML integrations. The “Debugging Toolbox” provides tools to decode SAML messages, cookie values etc. The Firefox Plugin SSOCheck tool can also be used to get more insight into the SAML redirection sequence.

If it comes to the first integrations tests, it is likely that you will get an error from the SSOCircle IDP. Although the errors normally provide information about the cause, a developer normally wishes to get more detailed information on what happened at the server side. Access to this information, ideally access to debug logs, is per se difficult to retrieve with hosted multitenant services. Privacy concerns and performance aspects play a crucial role here.

The good news is that we are now offering a Premium option which allows the activation of a DEBUG option. On activation debug information related to the current/last request will be gathered and displayed. Please enable the option only for debugging purposes, as it impacts performance. The information will either be displayed at the error page or you can access the last debug information at the “My Debug” option in the admin UI. See the picture below.