Our Portfolio comprises several options that support our customers needs. Please choose the option which fits best

  • SAML Testing with SSOCheck is the tool of choice:
    • You want to be sure your Service Providers SAML implementation is state of the art
    • You have implemented SAML in your service and want to be sure it complies to the standard
    • You like to have continuous checks and monitoring of your SAML configuration
  • Public IDP is the right choice:
    • You are running a publicly available service and would like to integrate into the SSOCircle of trust, offering your users better experience and stronger security options.
    • As a management level person you are looking for practical examples of a SAML v2.0 or OpenID identity provider in the cloud
    • As a developer you need a public IDP to test your service or your own development
  • White Label IDPee might be interesting for you:
    • You have specific requirements and sophisticated use cases.
    • You need to set up a SAML Identity Provider for your customers or employees but do not want to install and operate your own.
    • You like to provide your employees a SSO experience to access cloud services
    • You like to have better and stronger security without running the infrastructure for strong authentication tokens
    • You would like to outsource certain user management and vetting services to offload your in-house helpdesk
  • MyIdentityGraph might be interesting for you:
    • You are leading edge and want a next generation IAM?
    • You are interested in Graph capabilities related to Identity Management and IoT
    • You want to evaluate and run PoCs in this brand new topic
  • AzaaS might be interesting for you:
    • ABAC and RBAC are not enough for you. You are interested in ReBAC – Relationship based access control
    • You need a user managed permission control system
    • You like to use standards like XACML but with JSON and REST
  • Consulting: You are planning or already conducting a project in identity access management space. You need specific know-how for your individual development or deployment
  • Research:Are you ahead of the curve and need qualified research? Contact us.
  • Support: If you need additional help with our products, we offer tailored support.

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