SSOCheck Manual

Table of Content

  1. SSOCheck Tool Overview
    A quick overview about the functionality of SSOCheck Tool.
  2. Tool Quickstart
    Quickstart guides you through the first steps from downloading the tool to running your first test.
  3. Sample 1: A simple test script
    A sample script with explanations is provided. The script can be easily customized to your own need in the Tool (or better the IDE part of the tool).
  4. Sample 2: A test script handling https to http redirects
    A common problem is to handle browser redirects from https to http – typically non ssl service providers in simple development scenarios.
  5. API Overview
    A quick overview about the functionality of SSOCheck API and the two different modi of usage: using it with a SSOCircle hosted identity or with your own identity provider.
  6. Authorization API
    Read how to authorize against the API. There is a free demo plan for any SSOCircle account which demonstrates how to run a simple test.
  7. Test configuration API
    The configuration API allows to define and customize test sequences. For example you can only run a few specific tests from the whole set. Or you can set your own parameters to modify the default test behavior.
  8. Test Execution API
    The test execution API generates the SAML messages and other test meta data used for running tests.