OpenSSO / OpenAM Session Cookie Decoder

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SSOCircle Toolbox Series Part 1

Understanding the “iPlanetDirectoryPro” session cookie can be key to debugging problems like OpenSSO / OpenAM internal session rooting, persistence problems and misconfiguration.

The SSOCircle Toolbox OpenSSO / OpenAM session decoder:

OpenSSO iPlanetDirectoryPro Decoder

The iPlanetDirectoryPro Cookie is used by OpenSSO and OpenAM to reference a specific user session. It consists of an unique random identifier marking the session, a base64 encoded extension part and a tail value. The Extension part itself holds information for internal session routing (some keys are optional and depend on the system architecture):

  • The Site ID
  • Server Instance ID
  • Storage Key for Session Failover (optional and not displayed by the tool)
  • Tail Value after the “#”  (optional and not displayed by the tool)

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