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Password Islands allover the Cloud

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⇒ Today most applications have their own password ⇒ Often passwords are the same on many sites ⇒ Users need to sign in several times ⇒ Passwords need to be reset if forgotten ⇒ Business productivity goes down

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Simplifying Processes by Eliminating Passwords

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⇒ Tired of changing passwords on multiple systems ? ⇒ Annoyed of calling the help desk ? ⇒ Looking for easier access to many applications ? ⇒ Dreaming of signing in once and instant access ? ⇒ No password synchronization on different systems

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Improving Usability and Security

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⇒ Sign In once ⇒ Need not to remember numerous passwords ⇒ Improve security by using stronger passwords ⇒ Or even strong two or three factor authentication

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One Password for the Cloud

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⇒ Public free Identity Provider ⇒ Identity Provider Hosting ⇒ Supporting your in-house projects ⇒ Consulting by professionals On Demand IT Service Management supports SAML 2.0

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ITIL v3 + Web 2.0 + SaaS =, a pioneer of On Demand IT Service Management combines ITIL v3 guidelines with Web 2.0 technology to a Software as a Service offering. As we have seen in many cases customers of SaaS providers are increasingly asking for identity and access management features for convenience and security. To […]

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Single Sign On to the Game Portal Spellenmug

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The board game portal offers several options for single sign on.  Most of them are OpenID based. Only one  leverages SAML v2:  the only free, open and public SAML V2 Identity Provider SSOCircle. SSOCircle IDP has now more than 250 integrated SAML v2 service providers in its SSOCircle of trust. Although many of them […]

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Market Profile Identity Management 2010

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Burton Group, acquired by Gartner, Inc., recently published their IdM Market Profile report: “Identity Management 2010″. A very interesting report that not only described the current market but outlines the changes and the future trends IdM is or will be going through. As there is still unclaritiy on what we generally understand by “IdM Market”, […]

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frrry is using SSOCircle as Identity Provider

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Ferry Meewisse, a dutch bag designer, who runs the web site, bags & fashion accessories, is using SSOCircle as a login option for partners and employees. Beside Google, Yahoo!,, myOpenID and generic OpenID, they have the option to log in via SSOCircle and leverage several strong authentication options like X.509 certificates, USB tokens […]

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Impressions from European Identity Conference 2010

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Three days of conference plus a Workshop day packed full with IAM and GRC topics and even more. The KuppingerCole European Identity Conference EIC2010 was a great success. In my opinion the best EIC I have seen, although there were some confusion and unexpected changes that let me miss some of the presentations I was […]

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Integrate your Seam application with SSOCircle

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As part of project PicketLink Marcel Kolsteren, Seam Integration Lead, developed a  module that allows developers to easily connect their seam application to external identity providers. The module supports SAML and OpenID. It also  ships with an out-of-the box integration with SSOCircle.  You will find a preconfigured saml-entities.xml file which includes the meta data for […]

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