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New Blog: Tutorial Test SAML with cURL

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Test your SAML Service Provider from the Command Line

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Password Islands allover the Cloud

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&#8658 Today most applications have their own password &#8658 Often passwords are the same on many sites &#8658 Users need to sign in several times &#8658 Passwords need to be reset if forgotten &#8658 Business productivity goes down

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Simplifying Processes by Eliminating Passwords

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&#8658 Tired of changing passwords on multiple systems ? &#8658 Annoyed of calling the help desk ? &#8658 Looking for easier access to many applications ? &#8658 Dreaming of signing in once and instant access ? &#8658 No password synchronization on different systems

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Improving Usability and Security

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&#8658 Sign In once &#8658 Need not to remember numerous passwords &#8658 Improve security by using stronger passwords &#8658 Or even strong two or three factor authentication

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One Password for the Cloud

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&#8658 Public free Identity Provider &#8658 Identity Provider Hosting &#8658 Supporting your in-house projects &#8658 Consulting by professionals

Award winning Fedlet and Yubikey authentication available

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Check out the award winning Fedlet: a simple java web application that allows you to set up a service provider in the SSOCircle of trust in minutes. Get the SSOCircle Fedlet from our Download SP And if you have a Yubikey authentication token you can immediately use the key at SSOCircle for authentication. Just log […]

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