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2017/09/24: Service Provider expiration and quotas now enforced

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Starting at 2017/09/24 we are now enforcing quotas and expiration for imported SAML Service Providers as mentioned in the Comparison Pricing List. Default of Expiration for SAML Service Providers is 30 days. From that point on, SSO to the services will not work anymore. The first expiration date for old Service Providers will be 2017/10/24:06:00:00 […]

Launching MyIdentityGraph and ReBAC AzaaS

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Premium Feature: Monitor Light

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Terms changed at 2017/04/04

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Update of §6

SSOCircle Public IDP signing certificate changed at 14/08/2016

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The signing certificate of the SSOCircle Public IDP was changed. Details can be found atConfiguration and Metadata Certificate Changes. Note that the TLS certificate for is not related to the signing certificate. The TLS certificate is changing on a regular basis.

Premium Feature: Debug Information

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SSOCircle made it to the Google Application Security Hall of Fame

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SSOCircle is now listed at the Google Application Security Hall of Fame :