SSOCircle celebrates its 3rd anniversary

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It is already 3 years ago when SSOCircle, the free public multi protocol IDP, went into production. What happens in the past year ? We added new  devices to our strong authentication options:  The Yubikey and the Swekey, two new innovative OTP tokens. Users do not need to type in the one time passwords. In case of Yubikey you just have to push a button and in case of the Swekey the password is read by a tiny piece of JavaScript.

We also added some new demos like the one with Salesforce (which includes Google Apps SSO), the downloadable award winning Fedlet and last not least our SAML enabled WordPress Blog.

On the other side we saw a decline of interest at the end of 2008 and the first months of 2009. Less users subscribed to the IDP and visited the web site. An impact of the economical downturn ? The good news is that the numbers came back to the values of mid 2008 in the second half of 2009.

We also anticipated analyst attention as the Burton Group published a report called “New Direction in Federation“. Read our blog here. The report introduced “Federation identity hosted services” and gave a good market overview about the offerings.

The new Spring Security SAML modul was released and many developpers tested it against SSOCircle SAML IDP. And there are other very intereting services testing …

So, please stay tuned this year. There are many new things coming this year. We are quite sure that 2010 will see the
breakthrough for “new directions in federation”.

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