Burton Report “New Directions in Federation”

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In the recently published report Burton’s Gerry Gebel describes “new directions” in Federation. Not only in the light of new protocols but rather concerning delivery models.   Compared with open source or proprietary on-premise software the real new thing are “federation identity hosted services”.  The report also includes a  comprehensive list of  these hosted services with SSOCircle/IDPee as one of them. In fact SSOCircle was one of the first non industry aligned federation hub on the market.  Citing Gerry: “This type of service should be useful for ad hoc or permanent arrangements, particularly for industries that do not already have a vertically aligned hub”. One thing to point out is that SSOCircle through its openness as a public idp has proved to be  compatible with many services and toolkits. In our opinion a critical criteria when choosing an IdaaS offering. In fact in the last weeks we noticed a lot of interoperability testing on SSOCircle.

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