Public IDP

SSOCircle IDP is the core of the public, open SSOCircle of Trust. If you are looking for your own private IDP, check our hosting solution
IDP enterprise edition (IDPee) in detail or the feature comparison matrix..


  • SAML v2.0 Protocol support
  • Public Key Infrastructure for X.509 certificates.
  • SSOCircle Certificate Authority
  • Automatic and PKCS10 based enrollment
  • Strong Authentication against password sniffing and phishing
  • Registration and password reset function
  • Self administration: display/modify your account federations and trust settings, generate, sign and enroll keys, define your public profile
  • SP administrators: integrate your SP’s metadata and join the SSOCircle of Trust

Creating your Identity with SSOCircle

For creating your account you need to follow a few steps:

    • Register at the SSOCircle SAMLv2.0 Identity Provider
    • Provide the required data
    • Agree to the Terms of Use
    • After successful creation you will receive an email asking for confirmation of your registration.

Confirm by navigating to the link supplied in the email.

  • Now your account is activated and ready for use.

X.509 Certificate based Authentication

  • Generate your public/private key pair automatically for selected browsers
  • Get your X.509 Certificate signed by the SSOCircle Certificate Authority
  • Sign In with your Certificate without sending a password over the internet
  • Revoke your certificate in case of lost

Check out the samples of how to leverage SAMLv2 based account federation for applications of any color.

Authentication context (Level of Authentication)

  • IDP supports SAML authentication contexts

Check out the samples of how to leverage SAMLv2 based account federation for applications of any color.

Service Provider controlled Authentication Security

  • SP enforces a certain Authentication Level by specifying <RequestedAuthnContext>
  • IDP determines the current authentication level of the user session
  • IDP checks whether the requested auth level is smaller or equal to the current
  • If the requirements are not fulfilled IDP reauthenticates the user and upgrades the session

Integrate your SAML2.0 capable application as a Service Provider with SSOCircle

  • Enable your application to use SAML 2.0 or download the sample CGI
  • Get the SSOCircle Identity provider Metadata.
  • Join the SSOCircle of Trust by importing your entity (you need to be logged in to SSOCircle)
  • You are ready to participate in the Circle of Trust