White Label IDPee

IDPee is the IDP hosting solution of SSOCircle. With IDPee you can setup your own test, development and PoC IDP, build your own private circle of trust. It is only you who controls user accounts and who is able to create trust relationship with other service providers.
Please contact us for more information.

3 Circles of Trust

If you are looking for the public open IDP, check
SSOCircle IDP in detail or the feature comparison matrix.


  • SAML v2.0 Protocol support (**)
  • Own IDP URL e.g. https://your_company.idpee.com
  • Own private COT
  • Customizable to your CI ( logo, style )
  • SSL Support (*)
  • Public Key Infrastructure for X.509 certificates (*)
  • Certificate Authority (*)
  • Automatic and PKCS10 based enrollment (*)
  • Strong Authentication against password sniffing and phishing (*)
  • Role based administration: admin, helpdesk
  • User Self administration: display/modify your account federations and trust settings, generate, sign and enroll keys
  • Password reset function
  • Administrators: integrate SP’s metadata, create and edit users
  • Helpdesk: create and edit users

(*) depending on plan

(**) currently Single Sign On using POST profile and Artifact binding (HTTP redirect), SLO using HTTP redirect and SOAP.

For more information on IDPee, take a quick IDPee tour.

X.509 Certificate based Authentication

  • Generate your public/private key pair automatically for selected browsers
  • Get your X.509 Certificate signed by the SSOCircle Certificate Authority at your IDPs user interface
  • Sign In with your Certificate without sending a password over the internet
  • Revoke your certificate in case of lost