Public IDP Configuration Changes

Service Providers with SAML Metadata support:

Property Deprecated IDP New IDP
Metadata URL

The Metadata URL currently points to the current metadata. For now this is the currently used metadata. After the weekend of 13/14th August it will be the new metadata.

Service Providers with manual configuration:

Property Deprecated IDP New IDP
SingleSignOnService (HTTP-Redirect) /sso/SSORedirect/metaAlias/ssocircle /sso/SSORedirect/metaAlias/publicidp
SingleSignOnService (HTTP-POST) /sso/SSOPOST/metaAlias/ssocircle /sso/SSOPOST/metaAlias/publicidp
ArtifactResolutionService /sso/ArtifactResolver/metaAlias/ssocircle /sso/ArtifactResolver/metaAlias/publicidp
SingleLogoutService (HTTP-Redirect) /sso/IDPSloRedirect/metaAlias/ssocircle /sso/IDPSloRedirect/metaAlias/publicidp
SingleLogoutService (HTTP-POST) /sso/IDPSloPost/metaAlias/ssocircle /sso/IDPSloPost/metaAlias/publicidp

Note: URLs are wrapped after the port for readability. Endpoints are only a selection. For special use cases contact us.

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