Next Generation Identity and Access Management

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SSOCircle recently introduces a Graph based identity management system with user manageable access permissions and an entitlement API.

Enter ReBAC (Relationship Based Access Control. Add ReBAC to ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and get StarBAC.

ReBAC can be described by the explicit tracking of relationships between identities themselves and identities and resources plus the expression of access control policies in terms of these relationships. A good fit for the next generation IAM challenges of the CIAM and IoT age and complex non hierarchical relationships.

View from Ron' perspective. Seeing the permission path from Delgado to Ron's UserProfileData

View from Ron’ perspective. Seeing the permission path from Delgado to Ron’s UserProfileData

Enter standardized Authorization as a Service. XACML… ,yes, but JSON and REST based. Protected with a OAuth bearer token.

Find your path … Welcome MyIdentityGraph!


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