MSISDN, password or client certificate – it’s your choice

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SSOCircle now added MSISDN authentication support. Now you can choose among three authentication methods. Read the new authentication context study that describes use cases for these methods. MSISDN is an authentication method based on a trust relationship to your mobile provider. If you access the internet from your mobile, devices use the provider’s WAP gateway ( simple devices default to use WAP, others may use WAP optionally ). Some of the WAP gateways insert an HTTP header for identification – the MSISDN number. The number is used by SSOCircle to identify and authenticate you. To use MSISDN authentication you need the following requisites:

  • The WAP Gateway must insert a MSISDN number
  • The WAP Gateway must be trusted by SSOCircle
  • You need to link the MSISDN number to your account
  • Access SSOCircle by a mobile through a WAP Gateway

Please check whether you match the first two criteria by accessing the MSISDN check page. The third step can be done through the SSOCircle self administration.
Another part of the new authentication context study describes how to leverage authentication context to protect high sensitive user data by requiring a session upgrade to a strong authentication security context.

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