SSOCircle completed first year in operation today

English on January 28th, 2008 No Comments

We are celebrating the 1st anniversary of SSOCircle’s public launch. It is exciting to see how SSOCircle is adopted and that the subscriber base climbed to over 500 users despite of almost no marketing activities. For us it is important to note that 10 % of the users are actively trying to undertake their first SAML steps or test their ready-to-run Service Provider by integrating into the SSOCircle of Trust. Strong authentication is another well accepted feature which was introduced in mid 2007. People are enrolling their certificates and use it to improve authentication to a more secure level. This short résumé is also the right time to say thanks for their ideas and help to the OpenSSO community notably Pat Patterson and Paul C. Bryan, ZXID creator Sampo Kellomäki and the guys from RS-Computer in Hannover and Feitian in Beijing.


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