We are offering you a long business experience. Mostly in building ISP infrastructures, applications and security.

Our Topics:

  • cloud integration and mash-up technologies
  • business process definition
  • system-/cloud service integration
  • identity management
  • single sign on and federation (OpenSSO, OpenAM, SAML, OpenID)
  • provisioning (SPML, LDAP, prop. API)
  • web services security (OAuth, WS-*)
  • role management (compliance, recertification, identity analytics)
  • data preparation and reporting (ETL)

Our services:

1. Training on cloud computing and identity managements standards and technologies

Interested parties will be introduced to the topic cloud-computing and identity and access management. We will explain new developments, standards and technologies and demonstrate their application. Our goal is to create awareness of the changes that are accompanied with the use of cloud- and mash-up technologies in business processes and corporate security.

2. Studies, analysis and evaluation of deployments of cloud computing, mash-ups and identity management in the enterprise

This offering encompasses consulting and engineering studies. We are doing status-quo and requirement analysis as part of a product development cycle or as evaluation of cloud- and identity management technologies and/or products. Requirement analysis, solution,  design concepts and architectural documents will be compiled to the need of the target audience like product marketing of telcos and hosting-companies or strategy and it departments in companies deploying these technologies.

3. Preparation of testing environments and proof-of-concepts

This service is the follow-up of the study phase and is intended to provide the proof of  solutions concepts created in point 3.  Products will be tested against functional and business process requirements (compliance of service providers to common standards).

4. Integration projects

Deployment of cloud  technologies may require adoption of existing business processes and/or extension of  deployed software with glue software and utilities. In this context we are offering diverse supporting services from project management, development and documentation. Introduction of identity and access management processes and software implies an often under estimated amount of work. Starting at an assessment of current processes to data collection, verification, improvement of data quality and last but not least the definition of newly defined processes and the implementation thereof.

5. Check, reviews and reporting services

Even if a cloud computing or identity and access management project was successfully launched and is in production we are providing continuing services. These consulting portfolio includes analysis and review of deployed software and business processes as well as monitoring and operation of systems, creation of reports and audits. Whereas the last items can be done with the standard tools of the software itself or through individual development of software according to our customers requirements.