IDPee Plans

Compare the different offerings of the identity provider plans.
You’ll find details on IDPee on Identity Provider Enterprise Edition.
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Feature SSOCircle IDPee M multi tenant IDPee L dedicated IDPee XL on premise
Public IDP yes no no no
Private CoT no yes yes yes
SAML v2 (*) yes yes yes yes
SAML v1.1 no opt opt opt
OpenID (**) yes opt opt opt
WS-Federation (***) no opt opt opt
SSL access yes yes yes yes
MSISDN mobile auth yes opt opt opt
User name / password auth yes yes yes yes
Client Certificate auth (X.509) yes opt opt opt
One Time Password Token auth (OTP) yes opt opt opt
Swekey or Yubikey Token auth yes opt opt opt
Authentication Levels (****) 3 3 3 3
PKI yes opt opt opt
Self Registration yes opt opt opt
SMS account validation no opt opt opt
Self Administration yes yes yes yes
Role Based Administration no yes yes yes
Customizable Look&Feel no yes yes yes
Circle of Trust shared dedicated (1) dedicated (n) dedicated (n)
Availability free contact us contact us contact us

Optional features are only available for an extra charge.

(*) currently Single Sign On using POST profile and Artifact binding (HTTP redirect), SLO using HTTP redirect and SOAP

(**) currently Authentication 1.1 protocol and OpenID Simple Registration Extension 1.0

(***) Passive Requestor Profile

(****) currently MSISDN, Username/Password, X.509 certificates and OTP/Swekey/Yubikey. MSISDN requires access via a supported WAP gateway.